An open-source hardware for everyone


MLAB is an open-source eletronic building kit for scientists and engineers.


All documentation is publicly available.


A complicated construction is disassembled into elementary modules containing only so many components so they can perform their function in a system. Such concept enables a fast development of new devices and their subsequent acquisition of new features. Modules are assembled on a base made of aerial duralumin, so the resulting construction is robust and quite compact.


MLAB construction kit allows you to build numerous different devices and instruments from simple measuring apparatuses to scientific devices operating experiments.


MLAB construction kit contains components made by various manufacturers of sensors, microcontrollers or motor drivers. No specific manufacturer is preferred.



There are still many things worth of improving or inventing. Enthusiastic people are always in shortage. Do you want to contribute to the development?

I have my own module that I want to share with others.

Even though MLAB is an open-source concept, it is not possible to add a new module without complying with a convention. Therefore it is a good idea to read a few words about how to design a good MLAB module.

I would love to contribute, but I don't have any ideas.

We still have a plenty of ideas and are ready to share them. Simply choose from our wiki.

I don't know how to develop modules

There is no need to be ashamed - do not hesitate to contact us. We will seek to find a common goal. The biggest mistake would be not to try.